Fraser Haggerty   Andrew Gilchrist   James Rockingham   Greg Conn

Hi everyone and welcome to Acedia Online! Our website has undergone some changes recently which might not be functioning correctly just yet, bare with us as we should have these problems fixed soon!

For those of you have been recommended to check us out, or you just happen to stumble upon our website let me tell you a bit about ourselves!

Acedia is an upcoming Metal band from Glasgow, Scotland. We have been out showing off our talents in many different venues across Glasgow for the past year with the likes of Ivory Blacks, Classic Grand, Maggie Mays and the Barrowlands on our list.

So what kind of music do we play? Well As a band we are all more or less on the same page as far as genres of music go, although we all have different influences we try to use this to our advantage an combine ideas to make our music stand out! Many arguments have been caused with regards to our genre, some say metal, some say hard rock, but to sum up our style il say this; A major influence to me has a saying - "Rock and Roll is not a genre, it's a way of life!" so if you are into any kind of rock music then do make sure you come along to a gig or check out our music online and you can decided for yourself what genre we are if we are to class ourselves in one.

We are currently on the hunt for a lead vocalist, in the past year our original singer moved on to try out other things, and we thank him for his time and effort he gave to Acedia, so hopefully we will have a new singer in place and we can hit the stage again and we hope to see you guys there! For the time being why not check out our YouTube, sound cloud and Facebook links where you will find videos from past gigs and recorded Tracks!

If you wish to get in touch with us please go to our Contact page and fill out the form!